Leading Team Systems

Needing to deliver team results fast and well? Wondering how to optimize available resources? Wanting to make a difference that lasts? Tired of driving or forcing change?

Since complexity and ambiguity are here to stay, leaders live with a set of challenges that are constant and sometimes overwhelming. A leader who knows how to lead creatively and empower the team system can accelerate results delivery, inspire engagement, sustain performance and spend more time leading and less time managing.

As a leader chooses to cultivate productivity (task focus) and positivity (people focus) and operate more from innate creative competencies (rather than unconscious reactive strategies), more gets done with more fun!

    Our work with leaders helps:
  • Elevate their game
  • Leverage strengths
  • Accelerate awareness of impact on others
  • Deal with barriers to success
  • Recognize gaps in awareness
  • Reduce potential for derailment
  • Transform leadership influence
  • Build competence in leading team systems
  • Grow team intelligence coaching skills
  • Discover ways to deliver sustainable results with less stress

    Services include:
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Performance Coaching Program
  • Hi-Po Leadership Coaching
  • New Manager Training Program
  • Leadership Competency Skill-Building Modules
  • Leadership Retreats

Tools: The Leadership Circle Profile, The Team LeaderView, Extended DISC, Kantor Structural Dynamics

  • extended disc

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