Team Performance

Feeling pressure to do more with less? Needing to make changes fast? Striving for a challenging goal? Wrestling with morale? Wondering how to move beyond silos?

Teams exist to produce results. They are living, dynamic human systems that can and want to inspire, deliver and sustain high performance and well-being. We've found that empowering the team system (with our proven methodology) improves productivity and engagement 10 percent to 30 percent.

A team that knows and applies its strengths and faces challenges constructively unleashes its capacity to contribute more fully and wholeheartedly.

    Our work with teams:
  • Builds positivity to enable sustainable productivity
  • Grows relationships and results
  • Surfaces conversations that "need to happen" constructively
  • Accelerates innovation and problem solving
  • Unifies and aligns strategic requirements
  • Illuminates patterns of interaction with curiosity not judgment
  • Builds mind-sets, skill sets and being sets to leverage team intelligence
  • Creates a play-to-win culture (vs. playing not to lose)
  • Ignites and sustains desired change

    Services include:
  • Strategic Team Alignment Program
  • Global Executive Team Program
  • Work Pair Alignment Program
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Competency Skill-Building Modules
  • Retreat/meeting Facilitation

Tools: The Team Diagnostic Assessment, The Leadership Circle Culture Survey, Extended DISC, Kantor Structural Dynamics

  • extended disc

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