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Leadership Development

Remember, experience and apply your wisdom, competence, equilibrium and influence when you are moving in, up, over, down or out.

New Role? New Level? Stuck? In Transition? Pressure To Deliver? Blooming? At a Growth Edge? Seeing Clearly?

Team Performance

Align and unleash the creative energy of your team system when you are strategizing, stuck, just starting or need to get a job done.

New Leader? Something Up? Stakes High? Innovating? In Sync? Elephants? Engaged? Productive? Meetings Fun?

Change Navigation

Build capacity and activate human potential when you are starting up, growing, operationalizing, at a wall or transforming.

Merging? Scaling? Positioning? Decentralizing? Turnover? Upgrading? Strategy Pivot? Reorg-ing? Cutting Back? Launching?


Leadership Coaching Programs

1:1 Coaching, Work Pair & Small Group Cohorts

Grow capability. Apply knowingness. Stabilize leadership presence. Evolve mindsets, skill sets and being sets. Advance leadership maturity. Expand influence. Transform challenges. Meet life as it emerges. Restore energy. Attend to strengths and gaps. Let go of limited thinking.  Lead purposefully. Express talents. Relate. Be. Achieve.

For emerging and seasoned leaders at all levels onsite, offsite and online.

Diagnostic Debrief Coaching

DISC, Structural Dynamics & Leadership Circle 360 

Elevate performance. Deepen awareness. Claim strengths. Mitigate what gets in the way. Receive new perspective. Reveal blind spots. Uplift impact. Expand repertoire. Reallocate attention. Evolve inner operating system. Adapt. Communicate consciously. Limit anxiety-reducing reactions. Become multi-lingual. Choose. Respond. Create.

For 1:1, work pair and team debriefs onsite, offsite and online.

Team Optimization Programs

Team System Coaching & Facilitation

Foster team excellence. Illuminate team dynamics. Cultivate productivity and positivity. Gain strategic alignment. Reveal the system to itself. Align focus. Minimize team toxins. Stabilize cohesiveness. Transform conflict. Improve decision quality. Build teaming skills. Humanize. Engage stakeholders. Meet reality. Imagine. Trust. Perform.

For leadership, executive, global, functional and cross-functional teams onsite, offsite and online.

Change Agility Consulting

 Skill Building & Projects

Find agency. Engage stakeholders. Greet reality & possibility. Mine for conflict. Embrace VUCA. Solve the right problems. Communicate with style. Effort less. Befriend metrics. Integrate polarity. Fulfill priorities. Influence change dynamics. Accelerate interdependence. Embed best practice & process. Ready. Willing. Able.

For professionals & organizations in the midst of, facing or reeling from disruption.

About Us

Founder and President

Shawn Snelgrove is a seasoned leadership coach, team systems expert, change management consultant and facilitator.  She has served hundreds of professionals (at all levels) and teams (in all functional areas) through times of challenge and achievement in the US, EMEA and APAC for over 25 years. Within diverse business contexts and industries, Shawn delights in helping people excel, flourish, co-create and prosper as they navigate predictable growth cycles.

Her experience inspiring Play-to-Win organizational cultures, implementing large-scale change initiatives, managing project teams, crafting experiential learning and producing special events informs and enlivens her work. Shawn is certified in Team Coaching, Structural Dynamics, Leading in High Stakes, DISC and The Leadership Circle Profile and is a graduate of Co-Active Coaching, Team Performance Coaching and Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching among others. She also holds a BA from The University of Arizona and is the author of Essentially You @ Work: A Career Transition Guide.

Her approach synthesizes practical business models, consulting methods and experiential learning theory with leading-edge human potential concepts, systems thinking, metaphysics and creativity practices. The Dynamic Stability© methodology is a part of all her work.

Mission: To inspire wholeheartedness, creativity, laughter and contribution.
Vision: A world where people live and work in full color.
Values: Creativity. Peace. Connection. Awareness. Vitality. Freedom. Wonder.
Goal: Ensure ideas flow, relationships grow and results last.

Organizations Served


We are grateful for our long-term affiliation and friendship with Lyndee Berkley of Encyte Solutions LLC, Natarsha Hearn of Natarsha Hearn Group Pty Ltd, Wayne Philippi of Wolf Creek Partners Inc. and Amy Felix-Reese with The Leadership Circle. Whether designing and delivering their programs, ours or hybrids, each brings mastery, passion and proven methodologies in the fields of human potential, leadership development, team systems and organizational performance. And, each is a delight to co-create and work with!

We are also aligned with The Centre for Dynamic Stability.



We bring you many leading-edge tools, resources, practices and frameworks that we have experimented with, applied and adapted over the years. Some are built into programs and others are shared as needed. At times we work with diagnostic tools that raise awareness, reinforce key principles, accelerate learning, illuminate blind spots and map a path forward.

At present, the diagnostics we find most clarifying include The Structural Dynamics Profile from the Kantor Institute, DISC from Extended DISC International, The Leadership Circle 360 Profile from The Leadership Circle and The Team Diagnostic Profile from Team Coaching International.

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